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Not only but also – English Grammar Today – a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage – Cambridge Dictionary We use not only X but also Y in

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When using not only . . . but also in a sentence, parallelism should be the goal. It means that the words following both parts of this correlative conjunction (i.e., not only and but also) should belong to the same parts of speech.For example, if a verb follows not only, then a verb should also follow but also..

She not only apologized but also sent me a card. Not only did she apologize but (also) sent me a card. Not only do I enjoy spending time with him, but I also feel safe with him. Note: We can use “as well” instead of “also”, however, we use it at the end of the .

20/2/2020 · Not only but also – 當代英語語法 – 書面和口頭英語語法和用法的參考資料 – 劍橋線上詞典 We use not only X but also Y in formal contexts

Not only but also – English Grammar Today-Cambridge Dictionary- punkt odniesienia dla gramatyki mówionego i pisanego języka angielskiego. We use not only X but

When not only is followed by but also (or simply but), it’s considered good form to make sure the parts that follow each set of words are formatted the same way.Examples of ‘Not Only But Also’ For example, this sentence is good because it uses two noun phrases:

Not only but also – English Grammar Today – une référence pour l’utilisation et la grammaire de l’anglais écrit et parlé – Cambridge Dictionary We use not

9/2/2020 · Not only but also – English Grammar Today – 書き言葉、話し言葉の英語文法と使い方の参考文献 – Cambridge Dictionary We use not only X but

Advanced English Grammar Course Transcript: Hello students! It’s Shayna, your teacher from Today, I’m going to teach you how to form sentences with the construction not only, but also. First of all, when do we use not only, but also? Well, we

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/ Not only can he make people laugh; but he can also make them cry. 3. She not only writes plays for television but also acts in movies. 4. I not only sent him many letters but also tried to telephone him. 5. We visit our grandfather’s house not only in summer

Man has become master not only of the sky but also of the space. 人类不但征服了天空,而且征服了太空。 9.连接句子: I not only heard it, but (also) I saw it. 我不仅听到、而且看到了它。 Not onlybut also连接句子时, not only 可以置于句首表示强调,这时第

4/3/2005 · 我覺得更好的是 not only can the dog stand, but it can also jump. 或not only can the dog stand, but it also can jump. 都可以 學術英文要這樣講 2005-03-05 19:59:56 補充: 還有 你的第一句是對的 文法一定要S+V+O the dog can not only stand but also jump.

22/4/2009 · Parallelism (and its lack) is generally more a matter of style than grammar. But there are grey areas over what grammar is, as I summarise here, and what people find grammatical or not. On the not only . . . but also construction, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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not only A but also B の構造 では、まずこの構文を作る練習をする前に、この構文がどうやってできているのかを見てみましょう。 (1) He speaks not only English but also French. Not only A but also Bの形になっていますね!こうやって、not only A but also Bを使うことで

Subject + Verb + not only + Adverb + but also + Adverb Ex; He speaks Spanish not only naturally but also fluently. Ex; Mark works not only careless but also hasty. English Grammar Here

5/8/2017 · Rule[Sub + not only + verb + but also + verb] (verb form will be according to tense) Ex: Ram not only eats but also drinks. Mey mother not only teaches but also

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I would rephrase the sentence as He likes not only football but also tennis in the style of the first of the examples here.This rephrasing avoids repeating the verb after but also if it is the same verb that came before the not only (compare with the second example in the link, where there are two different verbs).

Where, if anywhere, do commas belong in a “not only but
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15/4/2018 · NOT ONLY A BUT ALSO B: The verb agrees with the noun that is closer to it. Not only Tom but also Harry has 93 pages). It includes 40 basic English grammar lessons covering most of the English grammar tenses and most-used structures. Get Our P/S.

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Not only is he handsome but (he is) also intelligent. When there is no auxiliary verb or main verb be, we use do, does, did: Not only did she forget my birthday, but she also didn’t even apologise for forgetting it.

My favorite food is not only lobster but also scallops and shrimp. Connecting clauses: use a comma Not only will I eat lobster every chance I get, but I will also eat scallops and shrimp as often as I can. Correlative conjunctions are pairs of conjunctions that

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这个 东西 不但 贵 ,而且 难 买 。Zhège dōngxi bùdàn guì, érqiě nán mǎi .This thing is not only expensive, but also hard to buy. 这 道 菜 不但 好看 ,也 好吃 。Zhè dào cài bùdàn hǎokàn, yě hǎochī.This dish is not only attractive, but also delicious. 她 不但 聪明 ,而且 很 幽默 。

Not only is the Grand Canyon deep but also wide. (adjective + adjective) Not only is the Grand Canyon deep [is], but also it is wide. (clause + clause) Move the auxiliary verb in front of the subject. When Not onlybut also begins a sentence and joins two verbs

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4/11/2015 · Not only did they forget to turn off their cell phones, but they also talked loudly during the concert. Not only are they noisy, but they’re rude. Now, my question is: Why the sentences are not written these ways, according to the way they are written in “not only ! .

20/6/2018 · Not only the students but also the teacher reads English every day. 2、一致。not only 与 but also 后面所接的词类要一致。 She can not only sing but also dance. 【用法小结】 1. not only but also 应连接两个相对称的并列成分。例 如: Not only Mr Lin but

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End of the free exercise to learn English: Not only but also A free English exercise to learn English. Other English exercises on the same topic : Adverbs | All our lessons and exercises

He not only raises dogs, he also takes care of cats. I enjoy English because it is not only useful, it is interesting too. The “not onlybut also” construction can also be formed, with similar meaning and constructions with “not justbut also”. This is less formal:

She likes not only music but also sport. 她不但喜欢音乐而且喜欢运动。 The place was not only cold, but also damp. 那个地方不但很冷而且很潮湿。 We go there not only in winter, but also in summer. 我们不仅冬天去那儿,而且夏天也去。 Not only the

21/6/2019 · Not only did you forget my birthday, but you also didn’t even apologize for forgetting it! WE CAN SOMETIMES LEAVE OUT “ALSO” Home is not only where it is, but who they are.

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Not only did we get lost, but we also ran out of gas with no gas station in sight. Not only is he smart, but he’s also talented. The TV show has not only good actors but also an incredibly written script.

Not only does she speak Spanish, (but) she also knows how to type. 她不但会说西班牙语,还会打字呢。Not only is he a teacher, but he is also a poet. 他不仅是一位教师,而且是一位诗人。Not only did he speak more correctly, but he spoke more easily. 不仅

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“Earth Day deserves not only a commemoration, but also our total dedication.” This is correct here, since is perfectly maintains the parallelism. However, you have to remove the comma. “Not only does Earth Day deserve a commemoration, but also our total

This is an example of a correlative conjunction. A paired conjunction (such as not only . . . but also) that links balanced words, phrases, and clauses. The elements connected by correlative conjunctions are usually parallel–that is, similar in length and grammatical

** Not only did I read ten books on grammar when I was thirty, but I also learned in public school. Also, I was an Admin Asst for ten years and saw that most business guys have public school grammar and believe they’re always right so they won’t learn.

29/4/2016 · · In this section, I show how these traces of violence are related not only to the culture of fear but to the performative effects of the memory of the opposition to the regime. · They have the support not only of Florence but of an entire group. Also, sometimes I

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2 Responses to “5 Erroneously Constructed “Not Only . . . But Also” Sentences” Paul Baldwin on January 11, 2013 6:23 pm I am confused by the fourth example. The rule and the corrected sentence seem to be contradictory. Larry S on January 11, 2013 8:09 pm

The government was not only effective in lowering taxes, but also helped to reduce unemployment through careful measures. لم تظهر الحكومة تأثيرا في خفض الضرائب فحسب وإنما ساعدت أيضا في الحد من البطالة من خلال اتخاذ تدابير حذرة.

Not only James, but Peter also got a prize. He visited not only France but also Germany. Also is sometimes omitted. He was not only brave but also prudent. OR He was not only great but prudent. Mid-position with verb is also possible. She not only plays

20/2/2012 · Many students have difficulty using the correlative conjunction not only/but also. When you use ‘not only/but also’, you have to use the same kind of words after ‘not only’ and ‘but also’. So, if you used an adjective after ‘not only’, you need an adjective after ‘but also’.

4/5/2009 · I’d like your help in this grammar muddle. Which is correct? Are both structures correct? 1) She not only wrote the text but also selected the illustrations. 2) She didn’t only write the text but also selected the illustrations I got myself tangled up with this grammar

这 篇 文章 不仅 结构 清楚,而且 思想 先进。This essay is not only written clearly, but is also well-developed. 他 不仅 喜欢 吃 中国 菜,而且 也 会 做 几 个 中国 菜!He not only likes to eat Chinese food, but he can make some as well! 这 个 外国人 不只 会 唱 民歌,还 会 说 方言,真 是 了不起!

8/6/2012 · Not only it could reduce waste, but also it would produce energy. I had this sentence corrected by a native speaker, and he said “could” in this sentence should be put after the subject as follows. Not only could it reduce waste, but also it would produce

〜(も) Noun: 林先生は日本だけでなく、かん国にも行かれました。 Hayashi-sensei went not only to Japan but also to Korea. い-adj: あのテストはむずかしかっただけでなく、長すぎました。That test was not only difficult, but it was also too long.